content-img-1 content-img-2 content-img-3 content-img-4 is a voluntary effort for ‘Out of Crowd’ persons desirous of living a happily married life but face difficulty in finding the right match due to certain ‘different’ physical and certain other characteristics that are not normal for most of the population. is to compliment efforts of parents and families who want their loved one to lead a normal happy married life. This site is dedicated to persons who live an unexplained pain.

This is a free service for all– without any distinction of nationality, religion, language, race, caste or creed.Presently, this service is available in India only. suitablemarriage.comis also Free for all other general cases for a wide choice. is for you if you consider yourself in any of such ‘Out of Crowd’ conditions:

*Physical deformity or amputation of leg and / or arm, case of paralysis due to polio or accident

*Hunch-back physical structure

*Extra fingers on hands or feet

*Short height, usually not associated with your compatible families

*Above normal height, usually not associated with your compatible families

*Skin whitening / white patches due to leukoderma

*Any deformity of the face due to natural or accidental reasons including post-surgical scars

* Cleft lip

*Asymmetrical or disproportionate facial features

*Victims of acid burns

*Impairment of hearing and / or speaking

*Impairment of vision full or part

*Extra heavy physique

*Very thin physique

*Ability to reproduce children only with medical aid

*Inability to reproduce children even with medical aid

*personal injured due to gun wounds or explosive

*Any other special characteristics not listed here, your suggestions are welcome.

Compatibility is the core value for a suitable marriage. Normally, compatibility is considered for economic and education level besides cultural background of the families. Compatibility of the physical appearance is yet another factor. It is this ‘physical’ factor that some people look different from others. This out of crowed status creates difficulties in finding the suitable match.

For a wide choice, all general cases are also encouraged to join.

You must safe guard yourself against cheating, money laundering, infidelity, abandonment or human trafficking. It is with this intention, you should present the proof of your age, residence, education and income while committing for a matrimonial alliance. Expect the other side to do the same.


Please give preference to people with special physical attributes, as detailed herein, in employment opportunities. Such people are sincere towards their duties and loyal to employers. This way you are contributing to the welfare of society as Corporate Social Responsibility


Please encourage people with special physical attributes, as detailed herein, in proffessional education and training by offering them fee concessions. 


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